Notice of Temporary Change in Business Hours at Robata Dining An

Dear Valued customer,

Due to recent situation, please note that from March 11th, 2020 (Wednesday) until further notice, the opening hours of Robata Dining An will be temporary changed as follows:

Current Business hours

Mon – Fri: Lunch: 11:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM, Dinner: 6:00 PM ~ 1:00 AM (Last order: 00:30 AM)
Sat & Sun: 11:30 AM ~ 1:00 AM (Sun: ~ 00:00 AM) (Last order: Sat: 00:30 AM, Sun: 11:30 PM)

Temporary Business Hours:

Mon – Fri: Lunch: 11:30  ~ 14:00 PM, Dinner: 17:00  ~ 24:00  (Last order: 23:30)
Sat & Sun: Lunch: 11:30 ~ 15:00 , Dinner: 17:00  ~ 24:00 (Last order: 23:30)

We sincerely apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and we greatly appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding on this matter.


Setsubun Event (The Last Day of Winter)

Setsubun Festival (The Last Day of Winter), celebrated annually on February 3, is a traditional event marking the official beginning of spring.  

Setsubun is celebrated widely through Japan, by families who gathered together, and throw out dry-soybeans in front of the house, or at a man cosplay as an Oni (Demon) while chanting out “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! (Demons out! Good fortune in!) with the meaning to scare evil away, and welcome good fortune. 

This year will be the first time we celebrate this tradition festival at Robata Dining An, to make our customers with the best experience of Japanese Traditional event of spring. Details below:

  • The venue: Robata Dining An, 15C Le Thanh Ton, District 1
  • Date&Time: 18Pm, Feb 2, 2020(Sunday)
  • Free Join

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your families as well.


Robata An has started 30 % OFF HAPPY HOUR for all designated drinks during the hours below!!
This is an opportunity for people who wish to have a drink right after playing sports or during business meeting while grabbing a drink to have an even more enjoyable time at Robata AN!!


Time: Mon – Fri: 11:30 ~ 14:00
Sat – Sun: 11:30 ~ 17:00



Let’s all treat ourselves to a Tsukimi tonight!
Autumn comes with a dazzling moon on the sky. Within those days, the 15th night called “Mid-Autumn Moon”, is the night when the Moon will appear shiniest and most beautiful.
This year, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival falls on September 13th (Friday).

✨“Hiyaoroshi”✨ is made and brewed through Summer and so reaches a just-right fermentation stage. During this process, the initial bitterness will fade gradually, leaving behind concentrated alcohol yet still preserve a taste of lightness, mellowness and calmess.
This is the characteristic of Hayaoroshi.❤️❤️
Please come and try this fantastic drink!
Selling price: 650.000VND (Tax excluded)