Robata Dining An 7th Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate the amazing times we’ve been together over the past 7 years.
As a way to thank you for your huge supports, we’ve created a 7 Years’ Anniversary Promotion from July 7th ~ 11th with below details:


We’re offering special menu of Izakaya’s traditional 7 appetizers with the same price 70,000VND/dish, that goes well with Japanese Sake.

 Furumai sake (Sochu) Dice Game

 Choose the representative of your group to roll two dices

The total of the number shown:

if the total is ODD NUMBER win a Free 1 “Masuzake”

If the total is EVEN NUMBER you loose

Supper Lucky    If both dice have the same 1:1 win a Free 1 item from 70,000vnd Special Menu*       

  * Free 1 item from 70,000vnd Special Menu